Senior Visual Designer – Mumbai


This position does not require a CV. (Yes, you read that right). But it does require an amazing  portfolio and a submission to qualify for the next round. Read on to find out more.


If you are deeply dissatisfied with the education system that you came out from and want to destroy the status quo then this job is for you.


If you want to put your design and art super powers to use to create deeply engaging learning experiences, then this job is for you.




I’m Manjari, and I work as a Product Owner at Immerz. And I’m looking for a co-conspirator to work with to build learning experiences that children love, that engage them, and that are inherently fun!


Immerz is an unusual technology company that is combining the best of learning theory with the best of game design to create extremely engaging learning experiences. Currently we are building a Math learning game which uses Augmented Reality to make Math come alive for children all over the world.
(See a sneak peak of the game here:


If that intrigues you let me tell you a little bit about what you would do. You would be working as the Senior Visual Designer, coordinating with the development team to convert textual ideas into an actual game. You will primarily be responsible for building the narrative of the game and making it come to life using art and animation. You will create characters and game worlds that will intrigue and motivate players to put in more and more time in practicing Math. You will be the custodian of the visual style of the game. You will also be part of the brainstorming sessions for game mechanics with the core team, and contribute to the Game Design Document.


Since we are questioning the existing education system and its credentialing, it would be hypocritical if I tried to fill this position by looking at your resume. I would prefer to be dazzled by the great work that you have done rather than the great institutions you attended. I will do the work to understand how you think instead of assuming greatness or weakness depending on where you worked. I am not looking for any specific profile – you could be 20 years old or 50, you could have studied design at Parsons or built out your skills through sheer curiosity. You could be anyone – but what I would love is that you are passionate, curious, hardworking and someone I can learn from.


To help us judge if you would be the perfect candidate for this role, I’d like you to read the problem statement below and send a submission for the same. Please also attached a link to your portfolio with the submission.


We do not require candidate CVs. We would like to judge your candidature on the basis of sample work, and not background or proxy credentials.


Problem Statement


Create a game concept which helps a 11 yr old understand the basics of fractions. Bear in mind that you are designing a touch based game for a mobile or tablet. Your submission must include sketches to communicate the visual style of the game along with a brief description of game mechanics . Detailed renders are not mandatory but would be additionally appreciated.


Please send an email with your submission to if you wish to apply, with the subject ‘Application for Visual Designer: Immerz’.


For the past 4 years, I have been working closely with a diverse team of engineers, designers, educators, problem solvers and dreamers to change the way education happens. We are looking for a star to join our team as we go into the next phase of expanding our product. Is that you?