A doctor’s hat – An effective approach that will help your child succeed

Imagine you are feeling ill and your doctor has asked you to go through the diagnostic tests. You are poked with needles, stuck in uncomfortable machines and finally, you pray that the result doesn’t show anything bad. When they come in, you cross your fingers and go back to see your doctor, where you await judgment. Is it a viral or something worse?

“Just a small viral” you received the judgment. You are now relieved and follow the doctor’s instructions to take a tablet 2 times a day.


Now imagine the role of your doctor in the same scenario. What’s the different? The crucial difference between the doctor and the patient’s approach to diagnostics is a sense of empowerment. The doctor believes that diagnostics will help him learn something and that he can convert that learning into action to lead to you getting better.


Now think about the math test that your son/daughter took. As a parent, did you:
Cross your fingers and await the judgment of the test?
Dread the day of the result, oh something could go wrong?


Parent should put doctor’s hat on and think about the test as a way to determine what you should work on next with your child. Parent should look forward to see a test to learning more about how to help your child get better in the next test.


The key finding in all the latest research is that your children (and yours) brain is amazingly malleable. Upon applying effort (more commonly known as practice) the brain will change and your child’s abilities, in that sphere will increase.


Each of us has the power to be better than we were yesterday. When we start to believe it, we are empowered to approach each diagnostic with the zeal of a learner and would say – “If I can know where my problem lies then I can fix it.”

Not like a patient who would say – “this test will tell me if I am smart or dumb”.


A good diagnostic test can be very useful. And so does the parent’s approach. The right combination of both will help your child take brave steps towards the improvement.


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