The learning revolution and making math come alive

200 years ago, the Industrial Revolution heralded a new world, a world where only 26% of the global population is now able to produce enough food for the entire world. While it may be difficult for us to imagine, we have lived through a technological revolution of our own – the Digital Revolution.


So what’s next in this epic journey of humankind?

A learning revolution.


Yes, it is possible to train the brain to learn any useful skill or any piece of knowledge that exists in our universe – given the right stimulus and the right practice. Right Stimulus is personalized to each learner’s level – it is just right and given at just the right time. Right, Practice is a deliberate and consistent practice which helps the brain absorb the stimulus and literally make neural pathways that cement this skill firmly into place.


At Immerz, we believe that each and every person born on this earth, is brimming with infinite learning potential. And our mission is to change the world by unlocking this potential – for everyone.


We decided to start with most popularly hated skill around the world – Math. As it happens, it is also one of the most important skills to learn – it is the language of the universe and everything in it – from the movement of celestial bodies to everyday personal finance.


Angel dislike math


The key challenge for us was to help people find the motivation to practice Math every day.


Amrut (Founder, Immerz) dug into his years of teaching Math at Vishwajyot High School for initial ideas.

Throughout all these years, he experimented many real-life challenges for students. For instance, one challenge was about calculating the height of the school building using Trigonometry. Or calculate the distance the ball would travel if you threw it backward from a moving cycle. It uses principles of parabolic motion.

Students are working to calculate the distance ball would travel


The result was amazing. The combination of real-time math problems, cooperation (within the group) and competition (in between groups) motivated even the most demotivated students to pull up their socks and dive into the wonderful world of Math.


There it was. A proven solution staring right at our faces – making math come alive by building math games, puzzles, and missions embedded in real life.


Since then, the Immerz team refined, layered, and built upon the basic idea to take its present form – A well-crafted math learning path for students.


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