5 reasons why math is the single most important subject

All subjects are equally important, most of the parent says. But every parent acknowledges that the math is more just an academic subject.
Data also confirms this. Only on Google search, just two keywords – “math” and “mathematics” were searched more than 2.4 crores in last 2 years. And there are thousands of other queries on mathematics were asked to Google.
Parents know the value of math better than anyone else. Let’s look at 5 reasons why math is the most important subject for parents.

  1. Mathematics is everywhere. No matter what job needs to be done, it is tough to complete it without mathematics. Whether a workplace, business or finance, whether musicians, accountants, fashion designers, or mothers use math in their daily job. It is essential for decision-making in the fast-growing digital world.


  1. Mathematics is a way of thinking – using abstract thinking to solve problems. Mathematics helps to develop the logical and critical thinking. It equips the child with uniquely powerful ways to describe, analyze and change the world. Albert Einstein once said, “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas”.


  1. Mathematics is the language of science. Mathematics provides tools for understanding science, engineering, and technology. Even the study of our body system, memory function, happening or curing of disease, waking, sleeping etc. all are mathematically dependent.


  1. Mathematics is good for academics. Those having a flare in mathematics have upper hand in the academics.


  1. Children need math. Children are as chaotic as a volcanic eruption, but as they grow, they need to learn patience and discipline. Patience is precisely what math teaches us. It also teaches us curiosity; for example, why is this rule used here? Why would that number be negative? Why is that equation set up like that? These are questions children will learn to ask if they are taught math.


If you are one of the parents who knows any other reasons why math is important, then please write it down in the comment.
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